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Dual Fuel


In most cases, Dual Fuel means combining a high-efficiency heat pump with a fossil fuel furnace (natural gas or propane). The heat pump will meet the heating and cooling needs of the typical home economically down to 15°F. At that point, when the efficiency of the heat pump is dropping off and when Boone Electric is reaching peak demand for electricity, an outdoor thermostat shuts off the heat pump and turns on the fossil fuel furnace. When the temperature rises to 16°F - 18°F, the gas furnace shuts off and the heat pump will again supply the heat.

In order to help control our summer peak, we'll install a load control switch on the heat pump to cycle the compressor on and off. Heating and cooling your home at the highest efficiency will decrease demand on our electrical system. Historically, when temperatures fall below 15°F or rise above 95°F, the co-op approaches a peak electricity demand.Dual Fuel Submeter

Participating members receive a discounted electric rate to operate the heat pump each October through May, as figured with November to June billing. The electric heat pump is sub-metered to record the kilowatt hours used. (As shown in photo.) Members must allow Boone Electric to control the unit in the summer during peak usage times in order to receive the discounted rate.

If we can reduce the demand or hold it steady with programs like Dual Fuel, the result will be more stable electric rates for you. Learn about Boone Electric's Dual Fuel Program. List of Dual Fuel dealers. For more information, ask for the Member Services Department at 573-449-4181.


  • $300 per system from Boone with a minimum SEER rating of 13 and $150 per ton if it is a 17 or greater SEER from AECI if Energy Star®; subject to change without notice.
  • If a system(s) is a new install (not a previous Dual Fuel), it may qualify for up to two (2) - $300 rebates if the SEER meets minimum federal efficiency standards.
  • Federal and state tax incentives may apply. Consult your tax advisor for details.


PLEASE NOTE: Rebates are limited to services using 6000 kWh or more per year

The Take Control & Save rebate program is limited to cooperative services that use 6000 or more kilowatt-hours on an annual basis. Eligible services include lake homes, workshops, and barns, etc. Commercial/Industrial incentives/rebates may be taxable and if greater than $600, should be reported to the IRS by Cooperative as income to recipient on IRS Form 1099-MISC unless member has indentified themselves as a corporation or as tax exempt entity. 

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