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Ground Source Heat Pumps


You are standing on the most efficient heating system available - the earth. The Ground Source Heat Pump is the ultimate heating, cooling and water heating system. It is efficient, affordable and safe. Heat is much easier to move than to create. The system has three basic components: the heat pump unit; buried plastic pipe loops; a pump to circulate fluid through the loop.

In winter, an antifreeze solution circulates through the plastic pipe-loop and picks up heat from the earth. Vapor compression/refrigeration enhances the heat and then blows warm air through the ductwork into your home. No backup heating system is needed if the system is installed and sized properly.

In summer, the heat pump removes heat from the house and transfers it into the earth. Excess heat is used to heat your water. You can use the system to heat 60 - 70 percent of your domestic hot water for FREE all summer.

The Ground Source Heat Pump is often 300 percent or more efficient. The most expensive gas furnaces only reach 90 - 95 percent efficiency levels. A Ground Source Heat Pump can lower your home heating costs as much as 50 - 70 percent and reduce your cooling costs 30 - 40 percent over conventional electric systems.

For specific details about Boone Electric's Ground Source Heat Pump Program, click here. For a list of Ground Source Dealers click here. For more information about Ground Source Heat Pumps, contact Member Services at 573-449-4181.


  • $750 per ton if it meets Boone Electric's installation requirements. ($250 per ton from Boone Electric and $500 per ton from AECI; conditions apply.)
  • Limit of 10-ton for residential and 50-ton for commercial. 
  • Federal and state tax incentives may apply. Consult your tax advisor for details. 


PLEASE NOTE: Rebates are limited to services using 6000 kWh or more per year

The Take Control & Save® rebate program is limited to cooperative services that use 6000 or more kilowatt-hours on an annual basis. Eligible services include lake homes, workshops, and barns, etc. Commercial/Industrial incentives/rebates may be taxable and if greater than $600, should be reported to the IRS by Cooperative as income to recipient on IRS Form 1099-MISC unless member has identified themselves as a corporation or as tax exempt entity. 

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