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Setting Up Service for New Construction

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Step 1

Obtain a building permit if the construction is in Boone County. Start this process at least a month prior to the construction start date. You will need a legal description of the property and the size of your building. If the property is inside the Columbia city limits, contact Columbia's Protective Inspections Department (874-7474). Outside Columbia, contact Boone County's Planning & Building Inspection Department (886-4330). If the construction is in Randolph County, a sewer permit is required.

Step 2

Visit our office. You will need to complete an application for service and pay any necessary security deposits. Bring your property description and your building permit verification. Arrange for temporary service for the construction phase, if needed. Arrange to meet with our engineer or service representative at the building site, if necessary.

Step 3

Meet with us at the building site. Together, we will determine where the electric service lines will be located, whether they will be installed overhead or underground and what fees may apply. The building should be staked out and you should know the size of service needed at the time we meet. You or your qualified electrician should determine the size.

Step 4

Pay any electric construction costs you may owe to Boone Electric. These non-refundable fees must be paid, and a liability release and all required easements must be signed before construction is scheduled. Allow at least three weeks for construction of your permanent electric service. This time may vary because of weather conditions.

Step 5

You are required to get the meter base for the new construction from Boone Electric. We will provide the proper size and type (overhead or underground) of meter base. You or your electrician can pick up the meter base at our office at 1413 Rangeline St., Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Step 6

Call for a “Tag” Electric Inspection. Your electrician will do this after the building’s electric service panel has been connected to the meter base. If inside the Columbia city limits, the inspection is conducted by the Columbia Planning & Building Inspection Department (874-7474). Outside the city limits, but in Boone County, the inspection is conducted by the Boone County Planning & Building Inspection Department (886-4330). If your construction is outside Boone County, Boone Electric Cooperative will conduct the inspection (449-4181).

The inspector will then contact Boone Electric and give approval to connect the permanent electric service. You may call the cooperative when it is time for the permanent service, but the final “Tag” Electric Inspection must be completed.

We recommend that you call us once the “Tag” electric has been completed to verify that we have received the city’s or county’s approval. Scheduling will not take place until we have this approval.

Step 7

Service lines are installed & the building is complete! You, as owner or contractor, call for the final/occupancy inspection by the same authority that issued the building permit to assure that all building code requirements have been met. You will then receive an occupancy permit. However, individual sewer systems must be approved by the City/County Health Department prior to occupancy.

Final Step

Make sure we have your correct billing name and official address. This address will be issued to you by the permitting office. You are now a member-owner of Boone Electric Cooperative!


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