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Space Heater 101


Energy Use Tips

* ALL space heaters are energy hogs. They will use roughly 1,500 watts of energy per hour!  That's $3.42/day or $102.60/month if used 24 hours a day

· Every space heater has its watt usage on the back: 1,000 watts = 1 kWh. kWh is Kilowatt/hour. Take the kWh calculation x  the current rate (check latest bill to find it). 

· You will spend less money by adjusting your thermostat or using the space heater as intended; to heat a small space for a short period of time.

· An electric blanket is a nighttime heating alternative.

· Investing in insulation for the attic and around duct work will save on energy use. Check the duct work for possible problems and your fireplace damper for heat loss.

· Caulk and weatherstrip windows and doors to prevent heat loss and use ceiling fans to help pull warm air from other parts of the house.


Central Missouri Community Action offers a weatherization program. Visit the CMCA website to see if you qualify!


Safety Tips

· Never leave unattended or while asleep

· Inspect power cord regularly, don't use if damaged

· Use on a level surface

· Don't use near foot traffic, children or pets and keep it at least three feet away from furniture, curtains, decorations and walls

· Newer models have the latest safety features

· Buy a heater with the cool-to-the-touch cabinet feature

· Make sure heater has Underwriters Laboratories label (UL)

· Portable heaters should have tip-over safety shut-off device


Space Heater Examples


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